Moshe Ndiki. Picture: Supplied
When I first met Moshe Ndiki, in a cramped limo ride to the SA Music Awards (Samas), he was energetic, loud and hilariously exuberant. Oh, although he did it in jest for the several cameras pointed his way, Moshe also sang a lot.

Looking back at his theatrics, Moshe is just the kind of showman you’d expect in the music industry. So it is hardly surprising that this in-demand presenter, MC and all-round entertainer last month released his first single called Choza.

“I always knew that I would do it some day,” he said. “I didn’t set a specific time to it. I thought I’d do it later in my career when I’ve done the research and all of that. Being involved in music is kind of just for show. I mean, it is one of my primary interests, but it’s also just to show people that I don’t like to be boxed in. I’m not just an actor or a presenter. I’m an all-round entertainer.”

Over time Moshe hopes to find himself a niche within the entertainment industry. But for now he’s still discovering himself.
“Maybe I’ll just do music for the rest of my life. Or it will just be presenting or acting. As long as it is something that is within the field of entertainment, then I’ll try it out.”

Sometimes when someone has a multiplicity of talents and interests, they run the risk of becoming a jack of all trades and master of none. I asked Moshe if that was something he was afraid of.
“Not even,” he said. “I’ve been doing TV presenting, I’m pretty dope at it, I love it. I’m good at what I do. That’s why now I feel comfortable enough to try out my other options.

Moshe Ndiki. Picture: Supplied
“I mastered the art of presenting as much as I could. I mean, obviously, you can always do better, but I’m pretty sorted out with presenting and acting and MCing.

“I’m all right. I’ve ticked those boxes, I’ve done them and I’ve done them really, really, really well. Now, time for the music. Whether it pops off or it doesn’t. If it doesn’t I won’t be hacked. If it does, then great. As long as I’ve tried.”

Moshe famously rose to prominence as a YouTube sensation with a knack for producing entertaining videos centred on his experiences of being broke and gay. It seems he’s been in the mainstream spotlight for a long time, but it’s only been two years. He still finds his rapid rise surreal.

“Every time I want to achieve this and that, I look back and I say, ‘what, it’s only been two years?’. I also feel like it’s been a while because I’ve been very, very busy.

“Sometimes it does get surreal because I’ve achieved this much.”

Every time he’s in doubt he takes out his book and lists the things that he’s done, and it’s then that he appreciates his hustle.

Looking back at his viral YouTube videos, he recalls how he had no plan whatsoever.

“I had no idea that it would be so big because it literally happened by accident. At the time, I think it was my second year of unemployment. So I said ‘you know what, let me just try this YouTube thing out, because at the end of the day it is entertainment’. So I tried it out and I’ve never looked back.”

He was just winging it and he says he’s still winging it to this day. In the near future, Moshe hopes to find a gig on radio. He also wants to host his own TV show, which he says is in the pipelines.

“I’d also like to have my own late night talk show. So, as long as I haven’t ticked those off, I still need to keep on grinding and winging it.”

Moshe is putting his weight behind the music. He’s in the studio working on his second single and other new music in the hopes that he can put together enough material to have a 20-minute performance set.

He’ll just feel it out and see where that takes him. That strategy has been working out pretty well thus far, and there’s no reason to think that’ll change any time soon. Wing it all the way to the top of the charts, Moshe.

Now, time for the music. Whether it pops off or it doesn’t. If it doesn’t, I wont’ be hacked. If it does, then great. As long as I’ve tried.

Moshe Ndiki is a man of many talents.