Tad embarks on an quest, with his friends, to find an ancient necklace in Tad Jones, the Lost Explorer. Picture: Supplied

What do you get when you have an average man with personality and ambition similar to that of Indiana Jones? You get Thadeus “Tad” Jones.

This animated film is a sequel to the Spanish created series, Tad Jones: The Lost Explorer, which follows the story of bricklayer Tad Jones and his gang of friends as they head off on an adventure to find an ancient necklace that belonged to the legendary King Midas. This artefact has the power to turn anything to gold when worn.

Tad is joined by a motley crew for this journey: Professor Sara Lavrov, the Mummy from Machu Picchu, Tiffany (Professor Sara Lavrov’s assistant), Jeff the Dog and Balzoni the parrot.

The group encounter a man by the name of Odysseus, who is also in search of the necklace. He is so determined to find it that he and his helpers kidnap Sara in an attempt to find the necklace before Tad and his friends.

Tad is now determined not only to find the ancient necklace first, but to also rescue Sara (his love interest) from the hands of Odysseus.

The various adventures, filled with courage, comedy and emotion, take the audience through exotic locations across Europe and the Middle-East, as well as the bright lights of Las Vegas, as Tad and the gang sniff out clues left behind by Midas in an attempt to hide the necklace. It all builds up to Tad’s most courageous act - sacrificing all that he has done in the name of love.

This film shows the life of an adventurer, tomb raider and archaeologist through the eyes of Chicago-native Tad and his unusual, yet hilariously supportive friends. Jeff. It is a beautiful story that shows how the dream of one man, regardless of how daunting it may appear, can blossom into reality.

It also teaches important lessons about the value of friendship, creating ambitions, and sacrifice through the act of love.

Though aimed squarely at the little ones, this is a film parents will enjoy as well.