Your second film again is a remake; is it because remakes come easier to you?

It just happens… We do films that audiences like to see.

In what way is it different from the original?

Songs, romantic portion, comedy, everything… we made it according to a Hindi audience.

How flexible is Akshay?

Superb! He is electrifying in the film.

Why did you choose Akshay Kumar over Salman Khan, as you have directed Salman before?

Actually Akshay chose me.

Are you thinking of any fresh script and on which topic?

Yes, I am thinking, and the topic is not yet decided.

Don’t you miss being in the action, as you are very busy with direction?

It’s not like that at all. I am acting in a film called ABCD. When I am doing direction, I am happy with it.

What difference have you noticed in Salman and Akshay?

They both have their own style. Salman has his own style and Akshay has his own style.

Who worried you the most? Akshay or Sonakshi?

I troubled them.