Kamal Haasan has reacted to the ban in some Muslim communities on his prestigious film project Vishwaroopam. In a press release, the actor has expressed his pain over recent developments.

He said: “Dear friends, while I am touched by the voices in support for me and my film, I am appalled at how my film is construed to be against my Muslim brothers. My statements in favour of that community have marked me as a sympathiser. I have always gone beyond the call of my duty as an actor to voice my opinion in favour of what was humane and civil.

“I have been part of an organisation called Harmony India, which worked for Hindu-Muslim amity. I am not only hurt by these accusations of denigrating a community but my sensibilities are truly insulted. I have been ruthlessly used as a vehicle by small groups who seek political profile.”

Haasan said this icon-bashing happened time and again: “ Any neutral and patriotic Muslim will surely feel pride on seeing my film. It was designed for that purpose.” – Oneindia.in