We have witnessed so far how the world has been slamming actress Aishwarya Rai for her post-pregnancy flab. But the negative and harsh comments don’t seem to bother the actress in any way.

Rai, who looked stunning at Cannes, spoke to the media about her much-hyped weight-gain issue. Rai admitted that she is happy with her weight. In fact, she is absolutely fine with her body and doesn’t prefer to endorse size zero.

“I am a mother. This can happen and it has happened with me and it’s fine (weight gain). I’ve never been the one to endorse size zero anyway,” Rai told the media.

The actress, who is travelling with Aaradhya this year, is spending sleepless nights because of her little daughter. But Rai is not complaining about it.

In fact, she is enjoying every moment of her motherhood. – Oneindia.in