India - It looks like actress Bipasha Basu still can’t digest her bitter breakup with John Abraham.

In recent interviews, Basu left no stone unturned in taking digs at Abraham for his supposed betrayal.

In one interview, when she was asked about her evolvement as a human being in the last two years, Basu said she has now realised that she had committed a few mistakes in the past. She said she had ignored herself completely as she had “other priorities” at that time, but that now she is much “wiser” and happier.

As per Basu’s version, she had always prioritised Abraham more than herself in the past, but now she would put herself first, before anyone else.

Some time back, the actress made similar statements when she said: “I’m done with only giving in a relationship. I’d like to get back something now. Now the man should love me enough to want to fit into my life rather than wanting to change me and to fit into his.” She had also indirectly slammed Abraham for cheating on her. –