Originally the Supreme Headquarters International Espionage Law-Enforcement Division, it was changed in 1991to Strategic Hazard Intervention Espionage Logistics Directorate in the comics. But in the Marvel Cinematic Universe it is the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division. No wonder they just use Shield.

NICKY FURY’S appearance after the end credits of the first Iron Man movie paved the way for Shield agents to put in an appearance in the Marvel films. But in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Shield not only gets a total upgrade, mostly courtesy of Tony Stark, but it also plays a much bigger role.

The Avengers literally spanned the universe, and the forthcoming sequel will also touch on the extra-terrestrial angle, but Captain America keeps its feet firmly planted on US soil.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier takes place about two years after the alien invasion of New York depicted in The Avengers.

While Shield initially took up a very clandestine position, the events of The Avengers forced them out in to the open as the world clamoured for protection against the aliens, god-like creatures and monsters of the cosmos no-one could now deny actually walked this earth.

The new Shield headquarters on Theodore Roosevelt Island, called the Triskelion, is now the largest building in Washington, DC. It houses not only the expanded base of operations for Shield, but also the World Security Council.

There are now three redesigned helicarriers, which do not have to land, but remain orbital. These Project Insight helicarriers are even more heavily weaponised than the predecessor Tony Stark has to kick-start in The Avengers, but it is the Quinjets used to transport Shield agents which get more screen time.

The Avengers, or at least the ones who can’t fly, used a grey Quinjet to get to New York. These are now black and have more weapons, but the cool stuff is reserved for Nick Fury’s car.

He may not have Jarvis in there, but the voice guidance system is quite advanced. It allows him to perceive threats as they happen, process information very quickly and communicate with the Shield agents.

The heavily armoured vehicle sees him driving around Washington basically looking for trouble Samuel L Jackson-style.

Stever Rogers’ (Chris Evans) Captain America costume gets a make-over. Gone is the overt red, white and blue replaced by a more subtle, darker look, though touches of red are still there. And, of course, we now get a glimpse of The Falcon.

As mainstream comics’ first African-American superhero, he was first introduced in Captain America comics in 1969 and now he gets his debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


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