Members of the Gauteng Opera Company. Picture: Supplied.
Members of the Gauteng Opera Company. Picture: Supplied.

After 18 years in the arts and culture industry, the Gauteng Opera Company is closing their doors.

The company released a statement on their website and on all of their social media platforms, stating that due to socio-economic issues, and lack of funding, the company will have to close at the end of this month.

The provincial opera house have also said that they will host one last performance of Sacred Songs, which will happen at the Tin Town Theatre, in order to raise funds to pay their performers and staff of Gauteng Opera. 

The Gauteng Opera company’s notable  productions include Words From a Broken String, Opera Classics, I Am an African and La Boheme. Some of the notable names include Phenye Modiane, and Khayakazi Madlala. 

The announcement of the Gauteng Opera comes after the announcement of another popular arts and culture event, the Dance Umbrella festival, would also be hosting its last festival after running for 30 years.

The performance of Sacred Songs will take place on Sunday 18 March, at 15h00, at the Tin Town Theatre.