Director: Pauly Shore

Cast: Pauly Shore, Steve Moolman, Odwa Mpambaniso, Popi Faith Mbiza, Somila Veldman

RUNNING TIME: 80 minutes

Classification: 13L

Rating: ***

If you loathe US comedian Pauly Shore's work you should probably not read any further.

Despite being a '90s kid and a fan of films like Son-in-Law, his latest stint - a mockumentary about adopting children in Africa - had me wide-eyed with concern. Who'd ever entrust their kid to a freak like Pauly Shore? Precisely.

Despite the underlying message, this film is not to be taken seriously. With that in mind it becomes a mixture of the ridiculous and hilarious. What Ali-G and Bruno are to America, Pauly Shore is to South Africa, with a measure of seriousness.

This is a South African film, in the sense that most of it was shot here, and the soundtrack comprises local music. It is being released here before anywhere else and is produced by Sam Hendrikse, the man behind the Johannesburg and Cape Town Comedy Festivals.

Shore is at that point in his life where he wants a family, and because celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Madonna went to Africa, naturally that's the local shopping mall for a child.

So begins his politically incorrect journey to South Africa. Audiences will recognise the Joburg highways and GP number-plates and there is great footage of the Joburg and Cape Town cityscapes.

He goes to an adoption agency which agrees to let him "test-drive" three adorable kids.

With scripted and in-your-face impromptu shooting, he travels to some of the roughest areas and mingles with the locals, street vendors and even a sangoma.

Shore tries to expose the absurdities behind the celebrity trend of adopting, but in his own way.

Whether he succeeds is debatable, but I give him points for having his heart in the right place.

If you liked … Son-in-Law, California Man or Bio-dome … you might like this.