Jozi: Moving The City


FILM: They started as a crunk music group, but several changes later Jozi are making whatever music they feel like.

A few years since their debut album, Motherland Crunk, and a few group member shuffles later, the remaining members of Jozi, Ishmael and Da Les, give you a peek into their work routine.

Moving the City is essentially a reality TV show – a thoroughly entertaining one at that – that was first screened |on SABC1 and is now available on DVD.

There are many, many moments that will make you want to side-eye your TV because they sound so scripted, but once you get past the idea that a lot of it may just be for TV – for real, David Kibuuka as Jozi’s manager? Hmkay – you’ll realise it is good TV.

Da Les is portrayed as a diva of Mariah Carey proportions, as an awkwardly uncool Kibuuka often deduces.

Ishmael, a veteran in the game, is given the responsibility of finding a new sonic fabric for Jozi’s latest album. He is mostly the level-headed one in the group.

Moving the City is good for a series marathon Sunday.

Special Features: Never-before-seen footage and six music videos. – Helen Herimbi