DIRECTOR: Ben Stasson

VOICES OF CAST: Pat Carroll, Carlos McCullers II and |Cinda Adams


RUNNING TIME: 93 minutes

RATING: ****

It’s cute and has punch all wrapped in one. This sea adventure kicks off again with Sammy and Ray, the BFF leather-back turtles who have now aged and are enjoying their new grandchildren – hatchlings Ricky and Ella – the most adorable- looking and sounding little turtles.

As they have just hatched, it is Sammy and Ray’s duty to guide the two newbies out to sea, but their path is otherwise decided when poachers swoop in and make off with them.

The turtles are shipped off to be the entertainment in a wine- and-dine aquarium show for tourists in Dubai. Ricky and Ella are introduced to an array of fish species, with Big D, a seahorse who’s the mafia kingpin of the huge aquarium, backed up by two French eels.

Big D has another grandiose plan for a great escape, but it seems he only fails with every attempt. This is when the turtles try to plot an escape of their own.

The characters are quirky which makes for an interesting watch. There’s the hammer-head shark who encourages the two to never give up, Jimbo the bug-eyed blob fish, Lulu, the lobster with a split personality, and a entire colony of penguins.

Sammy’s Adventures 2 – 3D is an inspiring family story. It portrays the values of family sticking together against all odds.

The 3D animation is spec- tacular which makes for in-your-face scenery. The images are a colourful treat. You almost think you’re in there in the underworld with the thrilling adventures.

While escaping, the turtles face obstacles including menacing fish in a chase scene so riveting, it will surely make parents and children grab their seats for dear life.

To see if Sammy and all the other fish make it out alive in the great escape, you’ll have to watch and see for yourself.

If you liked… Sammy’s Adventures… you’ll enjoy this.