Shahrukh Khan

Whenever the media gets to talk to Shahrukh Khan or Priyanka Chopra, they cannot seem to refrain from probing the one about the other.

Recently, at the curtain launch of an award ceremony, Khan was asked about Chopra who will be hosting another award function.

Visibly irritated, he refused to engage on the matter.

The once “thick” friendship shared by Chopra and Khan seemingly came to a halt after rumours abounded that the duo were having an affair. It was even rumoured that Gauri Khan, Khan’s wife, disliked Chopra as she was apparently trying to get too close to her hubby.

At the recent curtain-raiser of Zee Cine Awards, the media asked Khan whether Chopra was the best replacement for another award function which Khan used to previously control (he was brand ambassador).

Khan was obviously irritated and replied: “Earlier, you compared me with male stars, and now, you are comparing me with girls as well?” He did not bother to delve further into the matter. –