'The Exorcist's Regan MacNeil

A poll has found 'The Exorcist's Regan MacNeil to be the scariest child in film.

Linda Blair's character from the 1973 horror classic beat out 'The Omen's Damien and 'The Ring's Samara Morgan to top the poll from Now TV, while the titular character in both 'Carrie' and 'The Grudge' were also deemed to be unnerving.

* Contains strong language. Viewer discretion is advised

But the research showed it wasn't just on screen children that leave people spooked, as almost a quarter of those surveyed admitted to having been creeped out by an unnerving child in real life.

Over 10 per cent were spooked by sleepwalking kids, but more terrifyingly, seven per cent had seen a youngster speak to someone who wasn't there or hallucinated something, and three per cent were terrified when a child shared a premonition they'd had.

Scary children feature in 10% of nightmares, with young adults most affected - the same age group which find child performances the most disturbing. 

The top 10 scariest children in film: 

1. Regan MacNeil - 'The Exorcist'

2. Damien - 'The Omen'

3. Samara Morgan - 'The Ring'

4. Carrie - 'Carrie'

5. The Grudge - 'The Grudge'

6. Grady Twins - 'The Shining'

7. Young Jason Voorhees - 'Friday 13th Series'

8. Michael Myers - 'Halloween: 20 years later'

9. Janet Hodgson - 'The Conjuring 2'

10. Cole Sear - 'The Sixth Sense'

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