The lovely Prachi Desai is set to tickle your funny bone with her Rohit Shetty flick, Bol Bachchan, in which she plays Abhishek Bachchan’s love interest, co-star Ajay Devgan’s sister. caught up with the bubbly star…

What made you to choose Bol Bachchan?

I don’t think anybody can refuse a film like Bol Bachchan. It’s an obvious choice. When you get such a set-up, such people as Rohit (Shetty), Ajay (Devgn), Abhishek (Bachchan)… everybody put together, then I don’t think anyone can say “no” to such a film. I have not attempted an outright comedy. This film gives me the opportunity to go into the complete comedy zone.

What do you think of Rohit, and how familiar are you with his directing style?

I have only watched Rohit on Comedy Circus. He hardly says anything. He is very calm on that show. He used to just enjoy himself, but after starting my shoot with him I’ve come to know how different he is. On set he can be quite strict, but it’s fun to be with him. Actually, what makes it easier is that he worked with the same team for many years.

They don’t say anything to each other, yet everyone is on the same page. If someone is playing a prank on me then everyone else knows about it, except me.

For me it’s a very different set-up, very alien. The kind of films I did were rather serious. But coming to such a place has suddenly thrown me into a mad house. It took me a week to adjust.

Rohit is a director with a magic wand. I am lucky to work with him.

Which are your favourite Rohit Shetty films?

I loved Golmaal so much. I have watched it again and again. I missed Golmaal 2 but caught up with the latest one. I loved Kareena (Kapoor) in that film because it was fabulously funky.

What preparations have you made for your role?

Initially there were no instructions as such, but I thought it would be better to do something. I thought of watching Juhi Chawla’s films as I love her comedy, but I didn’t have to do anything as I had Abhishek Bachchan. He is the maddening factor and I am the normal and calming factor.

What was your first day of shooting like?

An absolutely alien atmosphere. In fact, on my first day I had a very long dialogue to say and everyone was familiar with the set except me, as I joined them late.

Abhishek and I had a dialogue where I was supposed to get extremely angry with him and walk off set. The shot was okayed after 27 takes.

The reason: after every shot Abhishek started laughing. I had no clue why he was laughing. I kept asking him if something was wrong with me, or if I had done something wrong.

Only two days ago he told me he was strictly instructed by Rohit to make me nervous by laughing at my every shot. So Prachi was ragged on her first day in Rohit Shetty. (Laughs).

Shed some light on your character.

I play Abhishek’s love interest and Ajay’s younger sister. I am different from them: educated, a more modern girl, and Ajay is stuck in his own time. My role is funky and I am little pampered, but still very scared of Ajay.

Your character is scared of Ajay? Is it the same for you in real life?

The first time I met Ajay was on the set of Outim where myself, Emraan, Ajay and a few actors shared a scene together. Ajay is so very silent on set. His personality was so intimidating, but as a person he is so calm… what real stars are made of, that’s what you get to see when you are around Ajay. He loves whatever he does and is very professional about everything. I am not scared of him, but there is certain sense of respect for him which makes you sober up for a person like Ajay.

What about Abhishek as your co-star?

Ajay and Abhishek are totally contrasting personalities. Abhishek is like a house on fire. He is always bubbling, spreading his energy around. He loves to enjoy himself no matter what the scene is; serious, comedy, emotional, anything.

Are you choosy about your roles?

The kind of roles I have been offered, I wasn’t interested in. I know that if I do such films my shelf life will be around two to three years in the industry. This is a good year for me because after Bol Bachchan I have a film with John Abraham where I can change the perception (of my acting) completely. It is a vivacious role. This gives me the opportunity to switch characters. I’ve been waiting for this kind of a role for a while.

How ambitious are you?

Every actor has to be ambitious or else he can’t survive in the industry. Every little thing can bog you down. I am ambitious, but not overly ambitious. I am hoping this year will be a great one.

Do you believe that the comedy genre is tough to master?

Absolutely! You need to get your timing right.

Which are your all-time favourite comedy films?

The original Golmaal, Golmaal 1, and Andaaz Apana Apana are the best comedies.

Which director would you like to work with?

Farhan Akhtar, as I worked with him on Rock On, but it was his debut film. He is one of my favourite directors because of Dil Chahata Hai. Rohit Shetty again for sure, and I’m hoping to do a film with Ajay.