Constance Wu in 'Crazy Rich Asians'. Picture: Warner Bros.

The Jon M. Chu-directed 'Crazy Rich Asians' may not be released in China, according to Deadline.

The widely acclaimed movie - which stars the likes of Constance Wu, Henry Golding, Gemma Chan and Awkwafina - has become a hit in much of the world, but Warner Bros. is yet to convince authorities in China that it deserves a release in the country.

The studio is trying to emphasise the film's themes of family and acceptance to officials in China, according to Deadline, which also reports that the movie's depiction of wealth may prove problematic.

Warner Bros. asked for permission to release the film in China some time ago, but it has not yet received an answer one way or the other.

Another of the issues facing the studio is that the film's all-Asian cast is not considered to be a selling point in China, as it has been elsewhere in the world.

Meanwhile, Gemma Chan recently claimed that the success of 'Crazy Rich Asians' represents a landmark moment in Hollywood. 

The actress - whose parents previously moved from Hong Kong to Britain - admitted she felt emotional watching her culture being depicted on screen. 

Gemma - who stars as Astrid in the romantic comedy - said: "I remember just even a few years ago this film would have felt implausible, impossible. 

"I felt really emotional the first time I watched it because it's the first time I've seen faces that look like my grandma, my granddad, my mum and dad. 

"It was really, really emotional seeing the food that my family ate when we were younger and seeing it on screen for the first time. I feel more optimistic that things can change and shift."