'Incredibles 2'. Picture: Disney*Pixar
'Incredibles 2'. Picture: Disney*Pixar

‘Incredibles 2’ is worth the 14-year wait

By Jamal Grootboom Time of article published Jun 15, 2018

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Director Brad Bird has produced one of the best superhero movies of this year. Actually, scratch that, Incredibles 2 is the best superhero movie of this year. 

Rating 5/5

It picks up directly after The Incredibles with the superhero family taking on The Underminer. 

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While they did stop his drill from destroying the city hall, they failed in other areas, which leads to the government not sharing their views on superheroes. This then leads to Elastigirl helping DEVTECH CEO Winston Deavor change the optics of superheroes to overturn the law, which leaves Mr Incredible at home with the kids. 

After 14 years of waiting, the day has finally arrived and this movie is even more incredible than the first. Everything from the voice acting, character development, plot line, action sequences, pacing and overall direction is pure brilliance. 

Bird did an amazing job of taking all the good parts from the original and improving on them. Having the focus on Elastigirl is also fantastic and the funniest moments are when Mr Incredible checks his own fragile masculinity and really steps up to support his wife for the betterment of all supers. 

The villain is also very refreshing with the big reveal coming as a surprise. The comedic moments are also well executed with the screenwriters really giving us laugh-out-loud scenes. 

This movie really is a joy to watch from beginning to end, with the pace never slowing down. Seeing Elastigirl come into her own is quite amazing. Overall, while this might not be one of the most emotional Disney Pixar films, it is the best super-film so far. And will probably go down as one of Pixar’s best films.

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