A screengrab from film the film Inxeba.

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, Intersex community ( LGBTQI+) hit back at the The Film & Publication Board’s decision to reclassify the locally produced film Inxeba (The Wound) to a rating of X18.

The classification means that the film must be pulled from mainstream cinema, and made available only at specified adult stores.This while the Appeals Tribunal is yet to release actual reasoning behind its decision to reclassify the film. 

The South African online gay radio station, Gay SA Radio has stated that it “demands” that the FPB reinstate the classification rating of 16LS to the film Inxeba - The Wound.

#Inxeba reclassified to X18, banned from mainstream cinemas

In a statement released on a petitions website Amandla.mobi, the station stated:

Retrospectively slapping an X18 restriction on INXEBA (THE WOUND) is a nothing short of ludicrous. We demand that the previous age restriction of 16 be reinstated with immediate effect and that the film be freely shown around the country wherever people want to see it. 

The LGBTQI+ community is tired of these bullying tactics, this time by traditional Xhosa leaders, and in effect by the Film and Publications Board. 
We demand that the decision be reversed and that the film be shown freely without fear of violence.

The statement further explains the reasons why the "LGBTQI+ stories must be heard". 

This is an important film, the story of which needs to be heard. Banning this important film reeks of homophobia. We will no longer stand for this abuse of the LGBTQ+ community. Do we also have to burn things and threaten people with murder in order to get our way? 

South Africans are urged to petition to overturn FPB's decision to ban the film.