Siddharth and Deepa Sannidhi in Enakkul Oruvan.
Siddharth and Deepa Sannidhi in Enakkul Oruvan.

Unique concept for Siddharth

By Time of article published Mar 9, 2015

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Siddharth, who initiated his tryst with tinseltown as an assistant director to Mani Ratnam, has travelled a long way in his journey. He debuted with Shankar’s Boys in 2003 and since then, there has been no looking back for this passionate talented actor.

The release of Enakkul Oruvan on Friday marked the silver jubilee of this hero – it is Siddharth’s 25th film.

Expressing his excitement on twitter about this, Siddharth said: “#Enakkul Oruvan is my 25th film as an actor in Indian cinema. I’m blessed to be where I am today. To all those who made this happen, #Thankyou.”

In a career spanning more than a decade, Siddharth has been a part of interesting films like Aaydha Ezhuthu, Kaadhalil Sodhappuvadhu Eppadi, Jigarthanda, Udhayam NH4 and Kaaviya Thalaivan in Tamil, to name some. He has also been a part of the Telugu and Hindi film industries with many noted hits. He is a talented singer and produced Kaadhalil Sodhappuvadhu Eppadi in Tamil and Telugu.

In Enakkul Oruvan (meaning: someone with me) the actor is thrust into a non-linear story, where the end scene of the film shows the real beginning of the story.

There are two main roles, one that is played out in the dream, and the other one in reality. The plot starts with the protagonist in a coma and on life support. The film tells two stories of the same person, one in colour and the other in black and white.

Sanjay, a detective from the Mumbai crime branch, starts investigating the incident that caused the protagonist’s coma. Sanjay, going through his belongings, stumbles upon some notes and a mysterious pill. Meanwhile, the police capture two suspects and interrogate them.

The story starts with the hero Siddharth (Sid) who is from a village in TamilNadu working as an usher in a cinema. Siddharth suffers from insomnia and yearns for a companion. On one of his sleepless nights Sid is contacted by a drug dealer who gives him Lucia pills for his sleeplessness. This drug is said to help you dream the life you want, but has the side-effect that on discontinuation the same dreams shall turn into a nightmare.

This very difficult plot becomes a mind game for the audience and the characters. This is one of the first films to have this mind interaction. Like 3D and Imax movies are an experience that cannot be explained unless experienced, this concept and film can only be experienced when the audience is locked up in a cinema for about two hours.

A spellbinding form of entertainment by Prabhu Nepal and his entire distribution team. Director Ramar is truly a master at handling an intricate screenplay of this sort.

Enakkul Oruvan is directed by debutant Prasad Ramar and produced by CV Kumar and is a remake of the 2013 Kannada film Lucia by Pawan Kumar.

The film features Siddharth and Deepa Sannidhi in the lead roles, with Santhosh Narayanan composing the film’s music. – Additional information from Menaka Films

• Ennakul Oruvan is showing in Durban at Sterkinekor Gateway and Suncoast CineCentre.

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