Marvel Studios' "Black Panther" Shuri (Letitia Wright). Picture: Marvel Studios 2018

Female superheroes have been around since the dawn of comics. 

While they are sometimes depicted as objects for the cishet male gaze, there have been many who have been given fully realised characters and have become fan favourites among comic book enthusiasts in general.

They not only form part of teams such as the X-Men, Justice League Dark and the Batman family, but are certified heroes in their own right.

Storm/Ororo Munroe

Storm. Picture: Marvel Comics

The Mistress of the Elements has been one the most well-known superheroes, gaining major popularity thanks to the 90s TV show X-Men: The Animated Series, where she regularly acted as the second in command to Cyclos and eventually became the leader of “X-Men”. She is also the first black female superhero.

Jean Grey

Sophie Turner in Jean Grey inspired artwork of the Dark Phoenix. Picture: Supplied

One of the most powerful superheroes in the Marvel universe, the Omega-level mutant has been the focus of some of Marvel’s most popular comic series, with the Dark Phoenix Saga being the one with that is getting its second movie adaptation in The Fox X-Men universe next year.


Zatanna in "Justice League Dark ". Picture: DC Animated Films

While the powerful magician is not that well-known to the general public, since the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) is currently still in a state of mess, she is one the most powerful magic users, often stepping in to help more established characters save the day. She will hopefully make her return in popular DC animated series Young Justice: Outsiders.

Batwoman/Katherine Kane

Batwoman/Katherine Kane. Picture: DC Comics

One for the few openly queer comic book characters, the out and proud lesbian is one of the later additions to the Batman Family. Batwoman is also gearing up to make her way to the small screen with Ruby Rose in the starring role in the annual DC Arrowverse (The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl and Arrow) crossover event, followed by taking the lead in her own show.


Letitia Wright as Shuri in "Black Panther". Picture: Marvel Studios

Dubbed the smartest person in the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), T’Challa’s younger sister has become an instant fan favourite with her razor-sharp wit and problem-solving ability. Fun Fact: In the comics, following T’Challa sustaining serious injuries after a battle, Shuri underwent the trials of the Black Panther and donned the suit and mantel, and acted as the ruler of Wakanda until his recovery.