BI Phakathi and Thina Zungu in crowdfunding drive for gospel singer Fikile Mlomo suffering with spinal tumour

Gospel singer Fikile Mlomo. Picture: Facebook

Gospel singer Fikile Mlomo. Picture: Facebook

Published Apr 22, 2024


Motivational speaker BI Phakathi and the musician Thina Zungu have teamed up to launch a crowdfunding drive for Fikile Mlomo, an acclaimed gospel singer who has recently been diagnosed with a spinal tumour.

Fikile is known for her dynamic, inspiring and anointed voice.

Zungu went live on Facebook opening up about Mlomo’s operation. He went on to plead with fans to lend a helping and and to donate what they could to Mlomo. He said the donations were not for her operation, but to help her as she had been three months without an income.

Mlomo also went live explaining she could not join Zungu’s live but she’s there to confirm that she’s indeed in the hospital and was diagnosed with a spinal tumour.

"Please keep me in your prayers. I have to undergo surgery. I think I am far from getting back to work because the operation will require me to rest. I have to undergo surgery in my spinal cord. They say I have a spinal tumour.“ explains Mlomo.

Three months ago, Mlomo was admitted to hospital. She said that her lower body became numb causing her to lose mobility in her legs.

She explained that she did not get injured, neither was she in an accident.

“I use a walker or a wheelchair. People must not be surprised and think I am acting because people like thinking gospel stars are acting when they tell their stories,” said Mlomo.

Despite the challenges she’s facing, Mlomo remains positive and she declared that she will never stop singing.

“I will never stop singing. No matter what happens after the operation, whether or not I walk again, I am very strong, the voice is still there. Even if I have to sit in a chair and record music, the voice is still there,” said the singer.

Mlomo went live two days ago on Facebook, extending her gratitude to people who have been donating for her.

“Thank you guys, the love you have shown me while I was walking even in this situation, I owe you guys an album,” said Mlomo.

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