Two Eleven


Brandy Too Matures With Time.

Let’s get something out of the way, R&B songbird Brandy has nothing to prove. She has been in the game when MA$E was still relevant and today she is doing songs with Chris Brown. Of course she is not producing hits like Sitting Up In My Room and The Boy Is Mine, but the game has changed and the girl needs to adapt if she wants to eat.

Two Eleven is just that. A compilation of 15 hot tracks with two sexy intros. She has had to up her game without betraying her roots, and songs like Music prove this. It is a slow jam that takes you to the 1990s, but the cool synthesisers make it 2K13 compliant.

To compete with the dominance of hip hop that seems to be taking over music, Brandy gives you So Sick and Wildest Dreams. The two songs are something that Lil’ Wayne can jump on with a verse or two, although he doesn’t. And don’t think she raps too, she just injects her smooth vocals on the track making it that hot R&B that kids have been doing these days. Her only collaboration with Chris Brown is a good track but not the best. Do yourself a favour: just go in without expectations, you will enjoy it more. – Munyaradzi Vomo