Sticks + Stones


If only words could hurt her into hanging up her mic.

Cher Lloyd is a singer. The fact that she didn’t win the UK X-Factor in 2010 means she may not be the best singer there is out there, but the point is singing is what she is good at.

Rapping, on the other hand, isn’t. From Grow Up, the opening song of this ultra-pop-uber-annoying album, it’s clear she’s coming for Rihanna’s spot. But she’s taking the long way around.

Like, trying to invoke the Rihanna who wanted the DJ to put the song ’pon de replay, except that ship sailed back to the islands a long time ago, mon.

When she’s not infusing some attempts at sing-rapping, it’s clear Lloyd can actually hold a tune. She does this well on Superhero and End Up Here and then she goes back to messing things up with nursery rhyme flows on the likes of Dub on the Track.

And can anyone tell us what a “Swagger Jagger” is?

Lloyd seems to be vague about what a “jagger” is, but if you are one, she wants you to know you should get your game up. – Helen Herimbi