Crazy White Boy


ZOMA. This is the track and latest album by Cape Town’s Crazy White Boy, and it represents the genres of house mixes and ghetto tech.

With 13 tracks, featuring two bonus tracks, the music of duo Ryan Murgatroyd and Konstantinos Karatamoglou is truly prolific and has the ability to keep you wanting more.

Their lyrics are innovative, expressing their diverse music styles by incorporating different languages. Some of the hottest and best-known tracks featured on this album include Love You Better, What You Do To Me and You Make Me which all scream out to be major club bangers.

Combined with elements of originality and soul, coupled with cool house beats, this album would put anyone in the party mood.

Other tracks to look out for are Zoma (featuring Nonku) which is fresh and has an upbeat sound as well as Twilight (featuring Tasha Baxter). Often labelled as the future of dance music, it’s hard not to see why. Crazy White Boy has definitely raised the bar, which is evident in Zoma.

The track Luma would be the weak point of the album, merely because the song doesn’t have that aura and uniqueness that is so clearly exemplified in the other tracks. But, all in all, this is definitely an album worth buying. – Valencia Govindasamy