James Blunt
Moon Landing


A mediocre pop album, but an enjoyable listen.


THERE’S something so refreshing about an artist with a distinctive voice. This can be said about British singer-songwriter, James Blunt who, as we all know, displays truly unique vocals.

Who could ever forget his break-through track, You’re Beautiful, which earned him immense international success and loyal fans across the globe?

His fourth studio album, Moon Landing, is an enjoyable listen, but as far as doing cartwheels over this compilation goes, you won’t be. In fact, the album is not very creative and is rather mediocre. Having written all the songs on the 11-track disc, the melodies demonstrate chilled vibes. Tops are Bonfire Heart (the first single off the album) and Always Hate Me.

Also noteworthy is Miss America which he co-wrote as a tribute to the late Whitney Houston.

All-in-all, fans of Blunt will appreciate his songwriting, but the English singer could opt for something more innovative in his next collection. – Valencia Govindasamy