Karyn white

Carpe Diem


A legend derailed.

Once upon a time, there was a songstress called Karyn White. She ruled 1980s and 1990s R&B with tracks like Can I Stay With You? and Superwoman.

Almost every Sunday on MetroFM they play her music and young musicians have been inspired by her work.

The DJs who are addicted to her music and the followers who adhere to her musicianship must have been uber-excited when they learnt that White was releasing a new album.

Sadly, for anyone who has even remotely liked her, White’s new offering, Carpe Diem, is disappointing.

Sista Sista is the lead single and it almost takes you back to the 1980s when this lady reigned.

Everything else is experimental. She is more interested in getting you on the dance floor with some electric cuts that you would never associate with her.

Also, you will be shocked that Carpe Diem is at the beginning of every song in the same way that Akon would chant Konvict in every song.

There is clearly a crisis and fear of being irrelevant, but come on, you are Karyn White. You have no one to fear.

Even Beyoncé sang along to your songs at some point.

This is the time when real producers who understand the Karyn White brand should have been called in.

“Carpe Diem” means “seize the day”, but White clearly forgot to do just that with this album and failed to remember that her CD will be on the shelves tomorrow and forever after. – Munya Vomo