The Hunting Party


GO big or go home.

FANS of Linkin Park are in for another string-’n’-scream fest as the band returns with their most anticipated album yet.

When they say ‘go big or go home’, they mean exactly how this album sounds. The first track that will hit you is Keys to the Kingdom which takes you on a dusty ride through a desert in a post-apocalyptic era.

War is another loud one as it barely gives you time to gather your breath from the adrenalin pumped up from Keys to the Kingdom. Things slow down on Wastelands when the song gives way to a few rap bars before it picks up to the standard of the album. It is one of those that you can almost hear Jay-Z return to do more damage than they did on Numb/Encore.

Until It’s Gone is a sad revelation of what transpires when you don’t treat people well, only to realise their worth once they have gone. It’s make-up suggests the mood you are supposed to be in and you will be forced to look back and wonder where your story relates to this song.

Linkin Park are not in the habit of disappointing and The Hunting Party is more proof to support this. – Munya Vomo