This CD cover image released by 604 Records/Schoolboy Records/Interscope Records shows the latest release by Carly Rae Jepsen 'Kiss'.

She may come across as the regular girl next door, but singer and songwriter, Carly Rae Jepsen (pictured), proves to be much more once she gets into her creative mode.

Though she may sit down with the intention to pen the next hit song, sometimes it doesn’t happen right away, but instead at other “non-creative” times. And it is with that life full of surprises that she revealed at the MTV Europe Music Awards (EMAs) in Frankfurt that only a year ago she did not believe she would be this successful.

“It has been a crazy year,” she said.

“I wake up many mornings wanting to pinch myself, and see if this is real, and wonder if it is actually true. I feel very lucky,” she explained.

For someone who’s just started her music career, Jepsen is surfing through the world from one award show and performance to the next and it is still all very new to her.

“My most memorable moment in my career so far is when I performed with Justin Bieber. I remember being blown away because the whole crowd was singing my song back to me. It is a moment I will never forget,” she said.

Wherever she performs, fans are screaming out for Call Me Maybe and Jepsen is always under pressure to come up with ways of keeping the song sounding fresh and interesting.

“Fans all over the world keep making these remixes of the song so I see every week friends and family sending me YouTube videos and montages of the song, adding new life to it,” she said.

For someone who wrote the song reluctantly and seeing how well it’s done, Jepsen is under immense pressure to break out from the one-hit wonder mould.

“I wrote the song with two of my best friends in Canada and the three of us have written many songs together. It was a thrill- ing experience but I would lie to say I knew it would blow up. When we were done with it, I played it to my aunt who is a bit of a tomboy and she jumped up on the couch and started dancing. Then I knew there was something there,” she said.

Jepsen went on to win two awards at the MTV EMAs: Best Song and Best Push.