Local zef rap group Die Antwoord has turned down a chance to work with Lady Gaga, one of the most successful artists in the international music business.

In an interview with MTV Canada, the group’s frontman Ninja said their former record company had approached them to work with Lady Gaga.

“They wanted us to open for her and we were like ‘No f**k that, whatever’. Because we are just in another zone, we operate in another kind of dimension to everything.

“We liking making pop and hardcore music at the same time, mixing the two. But it’s got soul in it. It’s not weak superficial s**t.”

Ninja spoke about the group’s sudden increase in popularity.

“Weird s**t’s been happening, like f***ing Lady Gaga asked us to tour with her and we were like, ‘um, no don’t worry about it, no thanks’.”

The group are described on the video posted online by MTV as a “zef hip hop collective”.

The video features footage of the band from their recent album Tension. - Cape Times