Talking about singer Donny’s (pictured) career would be incomplete if we do not mention Basheshe Bahleka, the album that helped him to make a name for himself. That said, it is worth noting it is an old project and the husky-voiced singer has returned to the scene with a new self-titled album.

“I have decided to chat about a number of things I see from people,” said the large man.

As a pastor and musician, Donny draws his inspiration from his congregation and whether he has good or bad news in his message, his intentions are good.

“As a pastor I see people struggle with a lot of spiritual things and it gives me ideas on how to write my songs. It is a very delicate process and I love how almost every time that happens songs go on to change people’s lives,” he said.

Apart from the feedback he gets from his congregation, Donny also loves how the songs have a positive effect on outsiders.

“So when I write the songs by myself I never have an idea of the impact they’ll have on the market. It is really humbling when I get ordinary people I don’t even know coming up to me saying they are touched by my music and it helps them through tough times.

“I go back to thinking of how I wrote the songs with a particular subject in mind and yet they grow into something else much bigger,” he said.

A product of Tshepo Ndzimande’s Zuz’ Muzi record label, Donny worked closely with the legendary manager, but they struggled to agree on many points.

“The thing I like about Tshepo is he has an ear for music. We had a lot of songs for this project but just wanted about 10 or so. So what was funny was the time we had to choose the final ones and we’d rarely agree on that. Tshepo would then tell me he knows best because he is the manager. I let him have his way because he has been successfully doing this for years,” said Donny, chuckling.

Ndzimande agreed that their artistic visions differ every now and then, but he appreciates the fact that his artist trusts him.

“Donny is neglecting to say that all his songs are powerful enough to stand alone. What we then struggle with is trimming down to an acceptable number of songs for a project. We have had disagreements on what to place on this project, but they are all constructive. From what I see so far, people are loving it anyway,” said Ndzimande.

• Donny’s CD is in music stores.