Ariana Grande. Picture: Twitter
Ariana Grande's next music video will be her favourite "ever" as she channels 'Mean Girls', 'Legally Blonde', '13 Going On 30' and another mystery rom-com.

The 25-year-old star is set to pay tribute 'Mean Girls', 'Legally Blonde' and '13 Going On 30' in the promo for 'thank u, next', and she has promised her fans - who guessed the theme after picking up on social media hints - it will be worth the wait.

She tweeted: "Super different from the rest but i think for many reasons this will probably be my favorite video i'll ever do. (sic)"

Ariana promised fans that her team are working "as fast" as possible on getting the video out there, and admitted her "voice is gone" from the shoot.

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new best friend . thank u, next

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In a series of tweets, she said it was a dream come true and wrote: "Trust me. same. i kept saying the whole shoot 'welp it's all downhill from here' lmao....

"We've never had as much fun ever. and my friends? and hannah? and her crew....... are incredible... i've never been this exhausted but i'm too excited to sleep !! bitch i wanna tell and show u everything right now but i can't and won't ! (sic)"

One fan suggested the fourth film referenced in the video could end up being 'Clueless', but the singer has played down the idea.

She explained: "No... it's been done (and very well!) so we did some of my other personal favs!"

The 'Dangerous Woman' hitmaker shared a storyboard for the promo, which showed photos of herself alongside scenes from the rom-coms she has been influenced by.

Ariana also teased the fourth movie she is taking inspiration from, writing: "Ok you guessed the third! but there is still one more so no tea tomorrow (sic)", in her Instagram Story.

'thank u, next' is about the singer's ex-boyfriends, including former fiance Pete Davidson, the late rapper Mac Miller and back-up dancer Ricky Alvarez.