Dan Shaw and Eden Michelle have released their brand new EP 'The Smoke'. Photo: Supplied

After successfully teaming up with Eden Michelle in 2017, Dan Shaw has released a new EP titled 'The Smoke'. 

The South African born Shaw has been captivating the ears of British listeners with her trendy, yet soulful music. 

Catching up with IOL Entertainment, Shaw shared how her living in London was the main inspiration behind the name of the EP. 

“Basically, Eden and I were both living in London and we wrote a lot of the songs in London. I looked up a nickname for London, and one of those that came up is The Smoke because of all the pollution in the air. It also fit well because the EP shares this burlesque, lounge music and in these places you will often find smoke, from many guys smoking cigars you know? So I liked it as a whole,” she said.

Accompanying the music is a series of lyric videos, where Shaw’s alter ego is seen navigating various scenarios.

The EP is made up of eight songs and is available on all major streaming platforms. 

For more information, visit Dan Shaw's site here