Drake. Picture: Instagram
Drake. Picture: Instagram

Drake's 'I'll clean my room' note to his mother goes on sale for R105k

By Bang Showbiz Time of article published Apr 16, 2019

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A note penned by Drake to his mother has gone up for sale.

Memorabilia company Moments in Time is selling a handwritten note - as well as an early biography - taken from the ‘Hotline Bling’ hitmaker’s old lyric book, for a whopping $7,500.

According to TMZ, the note he penned to his mother features a young  Drake promising to clean his room when he comes home, to which someone wrote back: "In order to receive 8:15 am rides this week -- room must be clean + bathroom must be clean AS PROMISED FRI JAN. 18th!!! (sic)”

On the back of the note is a short biography  Drake - whose real name is Aubrey Graham - wrote about himself, which lists his music influences, hobbies, and talents, as well as a sweet shoutout to his father.

The page was taken from  Drake’s old lyric book, which was found in a dumpster near his grandfather’s old furniture factory in Toronto, where the 32-year-old musician used to work. 

Although the note shows how he used to clean his own room, it’s unlikely the singer gets his hands dirty now, as his mammoth success means he can has the disposable income to afford a cleaner.

Drake recently used some of his extra cash to make the day of two McDonald’s employees, as he handed $10,000 to the female staff members of the fast food chain in Los Angeles.

An eyewitness tweeted a photo of the exchange, which sees the rapper surrounded by two security guards, whilst holding out the cash to a shocked looking employee.

The good deed comes after his 2018 music video for 'God's Plan' showed him handing out thousands of dollars in cash to people in Florida, paying for others' groceries and donating massive checks to institutions such as the Miami Fire Department and the University of Miami's Frost School of Music.

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