Mzansi fans bemoan ticket prices to see Kendrick Lamar in concert - and joke about selling their homes

Kendrick Lamar. Picture: Instagram

Kendrick Lamar. Picture: Instagram

Published Jun 27, 2023


After the initial excitement around Kendrick Lamar’s upcoming performance in South Africa first gripped Mzansi on Tuesday morning, fans have been taking to social media to bemoan the festival’s exorbitant ticket prices.

Hey Neighbour Festival, which is set to take place from December 8 - 10, announced Lamar as its headliner for day two. Phase 1 Weekend Passes are priced at R3,899 for General Access and R4,999 for the VIP experience.

The promoters announced through a press release sent to IOL Entertainment that limited phase 1 Single Day passes are almost sold out (R1399 for general and R1999 for VIP) and Phase 2 pricing is set to be announced soon.

Social media has been abuzz with fans simultaneously expressing their excitement for the show and also sharing their reservations on the prices.

“Going to see Kendrick just to do this and I’m going home,” Tweeted @rxndai along with a meme. “See you December 09 🙏🏾❤️. Back to the grind ✨”

Another Tweep joked about selling his house to fund his ticket purchase. “Mom: Who sold the house??? Me, at Hey Neighbour while Kendrick’s on stage:”

“Me at the Kendrick Lamar concert after selling my TV,” quipped @champagnetevi.

With many fans complaining about the ticket prices, @illythehost shared a different perspective, “Go buy Kendrick Lamar tickets. Yall been complaining about promoters bringing washed up artists. Im waiting for BacktothecitySA to announce WuTangClan & Nas lol. Denzel Curry is heading to Cape Town.If you don't attend any then stop complaining.”