Ryan Tedder from the band One Republic performs at the 2019 Global Citizen Festival in Central Park on Saturday, Sept. 28, 2019, in New York. Picture: AP

Ryan Tedder has confirmed he was joking when he said Beyoncé, Adele and Chris Martin featuring on an all-star collaboration.

The OneRepublic frontman - who has co-written tracks for both Adele and Beyoncé - has admitted he was "utilising sarcasm" when he claimed that the two global superstars and Coldplay star feature on a track on his band's upcoming LP "Human".

Ryan had told New York radio station Z100 at the weekend: "The bottom line is, we do have an album's worth of material, and that's the good news.

"So we've been dropping song after song. [Recent single] "Rescue Me" was kind of the first ... getting the wheels turning again, and we have a lot more songs to come. We have one song featuring Beyoncé and Adele, with a Chris Martin piano solo in the bridge."

The songwriter and producer co-wrote Beyoncé's singles "Halo", "XO" and "I Was Here", and worked with Adele on her tracks "Remedy", "Rumour Has It" and "Turning Tables", so if anyone was going to produce a track with the two artists, it would more than likely be him.

However, when the interview was shared on social media, some users had already sussed that the 'Stop and Stare' hitmaker may have been joking about the all-star collaboration.

And he has now confirmed he was just having a "joke" with the reporter who asked if the record features any "cool" collaborations.

Dealing the disappointing news, Ryan wrote in a series of posts on his Instagram Stories: "Journalist: "any cool collaborations on the next @OneRepublic album? .... Me utilizing "sarcasm", "kidding" and "joke", simultaneously: "Ya, we have one song featuring Beyonce, Adele, and Chris Martin, but I don't wanna talk about it or give too much away. (sic)"

He then wrote: "48 hours later", and shared the news stories about the "collaboration".

He added: "Come onnnnnn people! (sic)"