Chester Bennington and his family. Picture: Talinda Bennington/Twitter

Talinda Bennington couldn't tell "suicidal thoughts" were plaguing her late husband Chester Bennington before he died and has shared a photo of the entire family smiling together before his passing.

The 'Linkin Park' band member tragically passed away in July this year aged 41, and the late singer's 40-year-old spouse has taken to social media to share a photograph of her and her partner with their children before his death, and though the image captures the entire family laughing and smiling Talinda believes no one would ever have known how Chester was truly feeling at that point.

The brunette beauty captioned the heartfelt post, which she has shared on her Twitter page: "This was days b4 my husband took his own life.Suicidal thoughts were there,but you'd. Never kmow. #fuckdepression (sic)."

And Talinda - who was married to Chester for 12 years - has admitted she still can't sleep at night following the loss of her lover, and the "empty space" in her bed where the 'Numb' hitmaker used to lay is "too light now" it makes her feel uneasy. 

She tweeted: "Another night & I can't sleep. The empty space in my bed is too light now & throws off my balance. I tend to roll to the side #widowproblems (sic)."

Talinda continued to post a string of tweets on the micro-blogging site to raise awareness of mental illness, which saw her encourage people battling with inner struggles to speak out. 

Her posts read: "I want 2 know how ur feeling today.Do U need 2 be lifted up &told you're loved.Or do U want to help up others in pain today?#fuckdepression

"Reading each AMAZING tweet fromthe LP fam.U r holding each other up&leading others 2 mental health safety.#Fuckdepression #MakeChesterProud

"My husband loved & respected his fans.He saw the greatness in every single fan.This is why!I know he is watching us unite #MakeChesterProud

"Do u realize the impact that EACH of you are making to someone who's in need?Every comment to uplift another is lifesaving! #fuckdepression (sic)."