Nas. Picture: Instagram

The world was shocked when Kelis, who hardly ever entertains gossip rags or trashy TV, granted Hollywood Unlocked an interview about her personal life. Yup, she didn’t just harp on about her sauces and her pretty home. She actually let all of us in what it was really like to be married to Nas.

On the outside, they looked like the perfect couple. Two gorgeous people who were doing marriage their way. But little did we know that things weren’t what they seemed. Kelis alleged that Nas was an alcoholic deadbeat dad and they often fought, leaving her bruised.

Nas has retaliated to her claims in series of  Instagram posts, alleging that Kelis is still hung up over him and won’t let him see their child, Knight. He also says Kelis was the one doing the fighting and he never touched her. Oh, he also alleges that Kelis was always jealous of his daughter, Destiny and ill-treated her.

Just when we thought he was done talking, the rapper hopped onto the stage at the One Festival in Atlanta - where Kelis was also billed to perform - to tell the audience to move on if a relationship doesn’t work out. 

He then performed "Bye Baby," about his marriage to Kelis. The song is from the "Life is Good" album, where Nas is pictured holding Kelis’ green wedding dress on the cover.


Is the Nas and Kelis drama is nowhere near coming to an end.

Read Nas' Instagram posts below.

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