Will Smith. Picture: Instagram

The original Fresh Prince Will Smith has hinted working on music again. 

In a YouTube video, he says: "At my peak I was doing a television show, a movie and an album every year. So I was churning out that kind of creativity. What happens with this kind of thing is that you get to a point where you end up empty.

"I'm excited. I'm re-energised and I'm ready! I got the beast back! "he exclaims. 

The beginning of the song, Will reminds fans that he has the beats: "It's 20 years of swag ya'll just witnessed;  Let me remind everybody who Will Smith is; Rappers make it rain, let their money hit you, if I threw my money up sh*t I'd probably kill a stripper".

The rumour mill has also been swirling wildly around claims that the song will be released in time for the 2018 FIFA Cup World. 

Reports say he'll release a new song on Friday to tie in with the tournament which begins next month in Russia. Will appeared to confirm his involvement by posting a picture on Instagram with the caption: One Life to Live. Live it Up. #WorldCup. He tagged Diplo, Nicky Jam and Kosovar Albanian singer Era Istrefi in the post.

Whether these two musical projects are in fact the same thing, remains to be seen. 

In the meantime, with Friday just a few hours away, we'll wait patiently for the big reveal.