Cape Town - 130208 - Leading electronic producers and DJ's in the Cape Town underground music scene Tommy Gun(L), Sibot and Duncan Ringrose(R) at Mr Pickwicks in Long Street. REPORTER: THERESE OWEN. PICTURE: CANDICE CHAPLIN

Is DJ Naaldekoker (pictured) set for the biggest hit of the year?

Judging by Ek Smaak Jou’s needle-sharp rhymes by a certain motswako rapper known as JR, it would appear so.

Capetonian Naaldekoker is the scratch DJ behind Jack Parow. However, after three years as his DJ and 11 years overall as a deckmaster, Naaldekoker has decided to release his original music. And it has been greeted with much success.

His first track, The Meltdown, featuring Goodluck, received great radio play and reached the Top 10 on a few charts. The popular electro sound, while nothing ground- breaking, stood out because of Goodluck’s Juliette and her warm, flirty vocals.

His next release was a remix of the huge Kurt Darren anthem, Kaptein. According to Naaldekoker, when Kurt heard the remix he was suitably impressed. This track is set for yet another long and lasting re-incarnation of a song that just won’t go away. Ever.

Moving on swiftly to a track with much wider appeal. Ek Smaak Jou is a novel, fun, catchy pop song. The beats are quirky and attention- seeking – listen to me, listen to me!

Then there is JR’s delivery. If a rapper had to have the ultimate comic timing, it would be JR.

“The idea was to try as many different South African flavours as possible in the song,” explained DJ Naaldekoker. “When I worked on the beat I realised that JR was perfect for the song. His style is happy and inclusive. He liked the beats and added the rhymes.”

JR raps in Xhosa, English, Afrikaans and Tswana, all delivered with his Motswako charm.

Not made of sugar but spice, made for the curry and basmati rice is sure to become a temporary part of our lexicon.

Then there is Black antwoord, Tsotsi taal rap. Ghetto Hugh Hef, grab a few chair, watch me work like I’m Kunta Kinte or Booze stays on my thoughts, just like my lips stay on my quart, unless I’m in Hatfield Square and the Afrikaans boys screaming Jannie V*k Hom Op.” Not forgetting the hilarious part in the song where Abdul instructs him on how to whistle.

But, as with all good music, it’s so much better when JR and DJ Naaldekoker tell it.

All in all the track has “huge hit” written all over it.

While DJ Naaldekoker is hoping for success, he is determined to continue with his vision.

“I am putting an album together which will be ready in the next few months. I am planning to feature a few well-known artists. I have been working behind the scenes for the last three years as Jack Parow’s DJ.

“During that time I have been touring and playing shows. This has helped me not to become too weirdly creative. I am constantly taking a bit from whatever I see.

“I still see myself as a turntablist because that is how I started. While I have a broad taste in music, I really love electro house.”

Oh, and by the way, a naaldekoker is a dragon fly in Afrikaans. While he works on his album, snap back, cap back, gold rings, floral shirt and a half a tank. Ek smaak jou.