Justin Bieber in concert. Picture: Ian Landsberg

Justin Bieber's performance at the Cape Town stadium made me feel really sorry for Beliebers who spent good money for a mediocre show.

Look, I'm not a Belieber and the way The Biebs treats his fans really drives me nuts. The fact that there were tickets available for R15 000 and you don't offer a meet & greet is ridiculous.

Also, Justin made a big announcement that he does not take selfies with fans anymore because it drains his energy. Meanwhile, these are the people that have made you rich - and a household name across the world.

I, however, pushed my personal feelings aside and went to experience the phenomenal music from Justin's Purpose album live.

I know right? I went to a concert of an artist that I don't like, but the last album was really amazing and a wanted to see what Justin would produce.

Unfortunately, it seems that Justin brought his lacklustre approach from the first leg of the Purpose tour to Cape Town.
Bielerbers at the Purpose World Tour in Cape Town. Picture: Ian Landsberg
There have been many comments online on how underwelmed people felt after the concert.

Beauty blogger, Leigh van den Berg, tweeted that "the Biebs was pretty blah".

I have to agree. Firstly, the concert was an hour and a half long. That's not even the length of a proper movie. Secondly, Justin did not change his "costume", which was basically his own merchandise.

Justin is an A-list performer and could go to any designer and have amazing costumes, yet he choose to wear a basic T-shirt and shorts.

This is disrespectful. While the dancers were dancing their hearts out Justin was basically going through the motions and seems to have gone from being an OK dancer to barely being able to do a two-step.

What was really shocking was the amount of time Justin lipsynced throughout the show. He literally only sang live for 4 songs. 

FOUR SONGS! I would understand if it was Beyonce level choreography, even though Beyonce and Lady Gaga sing live and dance at the same time, his was not complicated.

The last international act I saw at the Cape Town stadium was Lady Gaga and she sang live, danced her heart out and performed for 2 hours plus with multiple costume changes. 

Meanwhile, The Biebs seemed as though he only came for a pay cheque and not a means of connecting with his fans. Justin clearly doesn't live for the applause. He had that same glazed over look right before he exited Instagram late last year. 

Justin is amazingly talented and if he just took a break for a few years, he might find his love for music again and might be able to give the performance his devoted fans deserve.