Black Coffee. Picture: Twitter

Black Coffee has another hit on his hands with "Drive." The South African DJ who is really a global citizen now, decided to hook up with another one of the biggest DJs in the wold, David Guetta. The result of the collaboration is a track called "Drive" featuring Delilah Montagu.

“It don’t matter the distance I go, our love is dear to me… but I believe in ghosts,” Delilah sings. And even then, she is willing to drive into the dead of night.

The song is probably going to be on every road trip playlist this festive season but which other songs are road-worthy?

How about "Inde" by Heavy K featuring Bucie and Nokwazi? The song uses a long road as a metaphor for life but the two vocal powerhouses mixed with Heavy K’s genius production makes the song feel much too short.

Another song we can include is a throwback: "Touch" by L’Vovo featuring Big Nuz. They chant: “touch, let’s go.” And while the destination is not specific, the dance song certainly won’t leave you sitting in one place.