Mike Palframan. Photo: Supplied/Karl Schoeman

From Port Elizabeth to the World, Mike Palframan’s music is transcending spaces and time. A banker by day, Palframan decided almost two years ago, to honour the love for music  that he has always had.

On the back of success at an international songwriting competition, where his single Those Times made it through to the semi-finals, from 16 000 entries from across the world, Palframan has also released his debut album titled Out the Door.

The album has an eclectic folk-rock style to it, with inspired lyrics and organic melodies. His main influences have been the likes of Bob Dylan, Dire Straits, Rodriguez and The Waterboys.

“Out the Door (the album’s title track) was the first song I ever wrote.  I’m not a performer, I have never been out there on the circuit, but at the ripe old age of 47 I decided I wanted to learn how to play the guitar, I learnt it in six months,  and that was the beginning,” Palframan said.

Almost two years ago, Palframan began the process of getting his music out there, after a dare from a friend to write his own music.

“When I did a tribute for a friend of mine who had passed away. And another friend said to me; ‘hey Mike, you’re not a real muso till you’re singing your own stuff’. And that got me started with writing my own music,” Palframan said.

The album has eleven tracks on it, all of which Palframan recorded in a short space of time.

“After getting that positive feedback (from his guitar teacher at the time about his first song) it all kind of flowed. I started with one song, by midyear I had already written 15, I decided to take 11 of them into studio to record them. This is what happened and in December I had an album,” he said.

Photo: Karl Schoemaker

At this point, he’s written over 42 songs and is itching to get them into studio. The album is produced independently, funded entirely by Mike’s pocket.

One of his favourite tunes off of the album is Search and You’ll find,  that he believes is a song that will give people hope. Some of the themes that come through in the album are based on human emotions.

“When you move through the album you start off with dealing with relationships, the next about choices and all really being about missed opportunities. The album points people by the end to the way things could and should be, with the song Guiding light. Which I think is a really powerful way to end the album,” Palframan said.

One artist he’d like to collaborate with in the future is Matthew Mole.

Out the Door, Palframan’s debut album is available across all streaming and download platforms. You can also catch up with him here.