A still from Jehova. Picture: Twitter

If there is one thing you can’t deny about Kelly Khumalo, it’s that she has an incredible voice. 

It, of course, shines the most when she is singing ballads but she is a very versatile artist. It’s no wonder then that fans had been begging Kelly to release a gospel track for a decade.

This year, she finally caved and in the words of mo'ghel, Bonang, she made sure to “give the people what they want.” 

The song is called Jehova. On it, she sings about being a divine creation of the most-high and how Jehova will never forsake her.

The video opens with a seemingly unconscious Kelly washed up on a shore. We also see her in various scenarios where she is in need of some kind of salvation. It’s actually a really interesting visual representation of Jehovah. Kelly features JFlo - the rapper alias of TV personality, Jesse Suntele - on the song.