Lady Zamar. Picture: Instagram
Lady Zamar. Picture: Instagram

Lady Zamar: 'I do not make Barbie doll theme songs'

By Entertainment Reporter Time of article published Jan 10, 2020

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When it comes to music, not everything is for everyone, and that includes local singers and rappers. 

Local songstress Lady Zamar in a very polite manner made it clear her music isn't for everyone, but it also doesn't sound like Barbie theme songs. 

It all started on Monday when Twitter user @poetic_finesse said that she "can't stand " Zamar's music and that there's something "spastic about her". 

Another user then replied to her and said she should give the "Love Is Blind" hitmaker time. 

To which @poetic_finesse replied: "I tried.. On separate occasions even.. Tried her out live too. And I've reached the conclusion, rounded by my bleeding ears that I am not Lady Zamar's audience.. I classify her music as Barbie girl theme songs. Just not for me. My ears cringe."

The "Collide" singer saw this post and polity explained to the tweep that while not every artist is for everyone and that art is subjective; when it comes to her music she does not make Barbie theme songs. 

She also stated that her music is about love and they're songs for humans. 

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