Musician, Darne.

You know what I do with my iPhone 8? I play Tetris. Thankfully, Darne is not me. For his song, Location, No Location, this artist decided to produce the entire body of work look exactly how it would if a person was viewing it on their iPhone 8.

Now that we know avenues like Instagram’s IGTV are trying to make vertical cool again, I think we need to give this kid his props for doing this video way before South Africans even knew of IGTV.

Complete with iMessages popping in, WhatsApp calls and a glimpse into what he and his friends get up to, Location, No Location feels like you’re catching up with someone even though you are not physically there.

This video is about already three months old, but the creative direction is bound to result in a replay or two. If you have not seen the music video yet, watch it below,