Nipho. Picture: Supplied
Nipho. Picture: Supplied

Nipho talks about his new single dedicated to South Africa

By Entertainment Writer Time of article published May 23, 2020

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Local musicians Nipho and SophiaTown have a released a new single that is all about the love that fills South Africa.

We caught up with Nipho who spoke to us about "Warm Skies" and what it means.

How have you been surviving lockdown?

At the beginning of this year I went on a journey of asking myself what could the next decade look like for me. I guess the turn of the century got me questioning what the next 10 years could be as opposed to my usual 2,3 year vision/plan.

2020 more and more has been a transitioning year from me and the lockdown has been inconvenient but also ideal for me to have the time and space to reflect thoroughly and to forge a new chapter in my journey.

Tell me about "Warm Skies", when did you start working on it?

"Warm Skies" is about everything I love and appreciate about the place me and millions of others call home - South Africa. 

In 2018 for a year myself and my longtime friend and producer Edward King began developing and moulding a sound that felt revolutionary, unique and close to home. Warm Skies was our 3rd song we did together in this musical journey.

What inspired this track?
Joy and Hope. The two things I believe are becoming more and more rare commodities.

There's a lot of struggles for artists in this country. To survive, thrive and make ends meat is taxing and can take it's toll. Honestly speaking the inspiration for the song came at a time where my struggles left me tired and depressed - the kind you can't sleep off. 

I remember I woke up super early one morning and went for a walk on the Sea Point promenade and just stared at the sun rising amongst the birds singing and people from different backgrounds and walks of life began their day either going to work or exercising. 

I took it all away I had never taken it in before. 

The hooting of taxis combined with the crashing yet peaceful sounds of the waves took on a new meaning for me. 

The idea that every morning the sunrises over this profoundly beautiful land there is new possibilities, a new start with new hope which in it's self is a miracle. 

I began many mornings going about this simple routine with a growing sense of blessing and gratitude at the beauty and uniqueness that's all around us and how it can speak to us and lift us up in times of need if we let it. 

I began taking my guitar with me on these meditation walks and put together a melody riff which I played for Edward (my producer) and the song was born.

How would you describe the sound of this track?

African/Jazz/Pop. In a lot of ways it's a new sound and fresh sound. It's a culmination of a lot of styles and genres. 

The vision was to introduce an old school brand of music (Hugh Masekela, Miriam Makeba) to a new generation.The sound is a combination of urban organic house with a modern jazz touch.

What do you hope people take away from this track? 

That you're not alone, not forsaken and that if you call South Africa home you can proud of the beauty, uniqueness and heritage that fills this beautiful land and it's great people.

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