Nonku Phiri. Picture: supplied

In July, Nonku Phiri released her new song, "Sîfó." The song has been a slow burner - which is probably because it’s so different from one of her last hits, "Things We Do On The Weekend."

Her signature stacked vocals are layered over an intricately programmed mid-tempo beat that goes from a thumping drum-heavy lull to tinges of kwaito to what sounds like intergalactic laser beams. It’s a sonic treat.

The song was produced and written by Nonku along with her production partner, Dion Monti. 

According to a press statement, the song is “an ode to grief the track encourages a discourse surrounding the necessity of embracing our vulnerability in a time of great loss and the importance of acknowledging the habitual defeats of not living with intention.”

Nonku is a classic example of an artist who moves to the beat of her own drum. The way that she is unafraid to experiment with what is now known as her sound or to discard it altogether is inspiring. 

Listen to "Sîfó" on Bandcamp, Spotify or Apple Music.