Timo ODV. Picture: Supplied
Timo ODV is a man of very few words. So few, in fact, that both (as in only two) songs on his new EP Move have limited lyrics. I wanna move all night. Repeat. That is the essence of the title track off the Kempton Park-bred producer and singer’s EP.

“I think when you’re in the club, it becomes a little like meditating,” he told me. 

“That’s similar to a lot of music I started listening to, especially coming back from Europe. It’s the same thing over and over, so you get into a rhythm and you start to want to party. I made a few songs and these were the only ones I believed in. I also think these days people are making so many songs that people don’t have time to listen to, like, 10 tracks.”

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Timo ODV first came on to the scene through his smash hit house song, Save Me. He was promptly snapped up by a major record company and went on to release a debut EP that did well on radio and, surprisingly, Shazam.

Following his successful Origins EP, Timo ODV says he didn’t feel any pressure to follow the success up. “I think after I made Save Me, there was a lot of pressure,” he said. 

“But I learnt that this is supposed to be art. If you make something and it blows up, then that’s cool, but if you make something and it doesn’t turn out well, that’s also cool.”

With his first EP having taken about five months to write, I am curious about how long it took him to pen Move and Your Love, the two songs on the EP. “I went through quite a weird phase where I wasn’t sure what I liked anymore,” he said.

“But writing this EP took around five or six months. It was a matter of deciding what I liked. I spent a lot of time trying things out,” he said. With Move, Timo ODV is definitely moving into different territory. While we are used to his vocal house taking the lead on dance floors and on the radio, Move is different.

Timo ODV. Picture: Instagram

It sees him move into the tech house space and distort his vocals, especially on Your Love. “This was a little more club-oriented and I wasn’t in the mood to sing,” he confessed. “If I don’t want to do something, I just don’t do it. I’m trying to just make my own art.”

“Something like Your Love is closer to The Kingdom, which I made at the end of last year and put up for free download. I wanted a darker sound and if I were to sing, it would have made the mood of the songs too happy.

“This EP is pretty much tech house and Your Love has a pinch of techno, so it’s the kind of sound I’ve started moving towards. I think the whole world, dance-wise, has started moving in that direction.”

* Timo ODV’s Move EP is available at digital stores.