Can you spot them all? Some of the country's finest kwaito musicians in this pic. Photo: Supplied

By a show of hands, how many of you tweeted or posted “Hello, hello December” on Facebook as soon as you woke up on 1 December? You’ve probably been doing it for years, too. If you’re too young to catch the reference, I’ll do you a solid.

In 1998, the greatest kwaito group of all time (don’t @ me) put out what would become an iconic song and music video - just ask Riky Rick. The song was Dlala Mapantsula. Before the K in TKZee, Kabelo “Bouga Luv” Mabalane asked us if we like him when he does this, his kwaito compadre, Tokollo “Magesh” Tshabalala first greeted the summer.

“Hello,” he said. “Hello December.” And just like that, the red ribbon of the festive season was cut. That continues to be the case every year. But what other proudly and loudly South African songs makes us feel so deep in Dezemba that it’s become a mission to clock into work?

1. Dlala Mapantsula by TKZee

Almost 20 years later, this song is still a must-hear in Dezemba, boss. I mean, if this line doesn’t make you feel that way then nothing will: “This is a song for December. Whenever, wherever. Dance if you wanna dance. Whatever, whatever.”

2. Sista Bettina by Mgarimbe

If we’re being honest, this is the real national anthem of Satafrika. The true definition of no chill. One-hit-wonder, Mgarimbe gave us the most ratchet track of the naughties and I bet anytime you hear Aaliyah’s Try Again you still throw in a “hibiri!”

3. Omunye by Distruction Boyz featuring Benny Maverickand Dlala Mshunqisi

While this scorcher of a track is not as old as the classics, there’s no denying that it’s becoming a classic in its own right. Nothing says dance your butt off like gqom and this genre not only owns the summer, it owned the year. So who better than the posterchildren of gqom, the Distruction Boyz, to fire your playlist up.

4. Akanamali by Sun-El Musician featuring Samthing Soweto

As a colleague asked: has Sam taken the girl now that’s December. These are questions that need answers more urgently than #ANC54. But nonetheless, this sublime summer number is easily heard in just about every groove from the hood to the burbs.

5. Ndihamba Nawe by Mafikizolo

December is also peak wedding season in South Africa. The wedding band of the century down here is undoubtedly Mafikizolo and nothing says I’m with you boo more than Ndihamba Nawe. I’m sure you can think of doing istep to this song right now.


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