Vusi Nova. Picture: Supplied

Vusi Nova, real name Vusi Nongxa rubbishes claims that he stole the hit track "As’phelelanga" which featured in his latest album "Manyan-nyan".

The popular song pays homage to some of the late music icons, including Bra Hugh, Mandoza, Sfiso Ncwane, Brenda Fassie, Robbie Malinga and so much more of our fallen heroes.

In an interview with DRUM, Vusi Nova sets the record straight following the allegations made against him for stealing the song.

"So first of all I haven’t stolen any song and I’ll tell you why I haven’t stolen any song because As’phelelang doesn’t belong to anyone, its public domain," he told the publication.

“It’s like someone taking bah-bah-black sheep and recording it and then claiming it’s theirs… no it’s not yours, its public domain,” says the Afro-soul singer.

Local football Chippa United supporter also made claims that they will lodge a complaint with ( Southern African Music Rights Organisation) SAMRO and are also seeking legal advice regarding Vusi Nova’s recording of the song. 

In a statement issued on the team's social media account, Chippa United Football Club also claims ownership of the song.

But the "Thandiwe" hitmaker dismissed the claims that the song belongs to the national football club, adding that the song doesn’t belong to anyone, “it’s a public domain”.

The Maskandi artist Celazimnike Mtshali Celazimnike Mtshali also accused the Afro-soul singer of stealing the song from him.

Addressing the allegations, Vusi Nova recently took to his Instagram, he posted a statement accompanied by a video of the song being sung at a church service, he wrote:

"I woke up this morning to a newspaper banner : Vusi Nova stole our song!! The song AS’PHELELANGA, a song I have known since I was a child is now being claimed to have been written by a Maskandi artist, a soccer team, a boxer and Lord knows who else. 

"What for me was a celebratory song to remember fallen musicians over the years has sadly brought out the worst in human behaviour. I stand by my version of AS’PHELELANGA to Honour our musicians. Long live the memory of our musicians that have lifted our spirits in our time of need."