Nasty C. Picture: Twitter

Nasty C must be one proud parent. After releasing his baby, "Strings and Bling," things have been going really well. Fresh off an insane launch concert in Soweto and before he kicks off the next leg of his Ivyson Tour, Nasty C is in America, winning all ears and all hearts.

You’ve seen the pictures of him chopping it up with 50 Cent. But have you heard him spit a fire verse on Hot 97? Nasty C visited the Ebro in the Morning team and showed them just what he’s made of.

He raps about having an angel in his bed and a demon in his garage. He even talks about being a beast since he was just 16 years old. Where are the lies? From Laura Styles to Peter Rosenberg, everyone in the studio is enamoured by Nasty. They’re bobbing their heads and even taking videos on their phones.

Haven’t seen Nasty C impress them? Watch him right now: